How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

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How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly


Every company has launched a website for ordering and viewing their products. They are well aware of why every business needs a website. People feel free to visit those websites even if they do not directly connect with that particular website.

On the other hand, it is also observed that there is an increased number of mobile users than computer or laptop users. It’s a common observation that people don’t carry laptops as frequently as mobile phones. This observation is the primary goal of running businesses. Making a website mobile-friendly have become a more significant concern.

Therefore, IT specialists and web developers are working hard to improve every mobile phone’s touch experience. The ease of access and the quality content attract multiple users. Mobile Friendly website builder is the most significant concern that this article will help people build their websites accurately. Let’s dig into the details required to make a website mobile-friendly.

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What Does It Mean By Mobile-Friendly Website

The main agenda behind website mobile version is to introduce constant features for desktop and mobile modes. The user doesn’t feel any change while switching from one gadget to another. This comfort is created by fixing a web site’s whole format into a mobile format.

Importance Of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

It saves your customers from inconvenience through mobile friendly website. Suppose you want to purchase headphones, and before going to shop, you want to experience them online. Opening a mobile phone display rather than the laptop screen is more accessible. A standard display in both media is a source of ease for the users.

That is why companies are working to introduce consistent experience through the computer screen or the mobile display. The term mobile-friendly signifies the importance of websites and the stats of the number of websites being opened through mobile phones.

How To Check If Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Checking a specific implementation is way more important than the actual implementation.

A mobile-friendly website is a requisite for the Google test. If your website is mobilefriendly, it will be appealing to Google. As a result, website’s organic traffic will increase.

There are some other mobile-friendly website checkers. You may check your website through MobiReady or W3c Mobile Ok Checker. MobiReady allows you to see the format of your website through the lens of the mobile screen. You can quickly analyze the needed changes depending on the score or points.

Eight Basic Ways to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

There are numerous ways to make your website rank on Google. Major web developers incorporate these ways to ensure content quality. The experience gets improved. The implication of these ways can help you gain organic traffic. It results in an increased website approach. It leads, ultimately, to high sales of the displayed product.

Use Responsive themes or templates.

A website that engages customers for a long time ultimately becomes successful. An appealing and simple template on desktop and mobile phones engages customers more. Responsive themes or templates are the number one reason your website is mobile-friendly.

Engaging customers constantly on their phones through responsive themes is the main lead. The websites that are constantly in touch with their customers and provide quick responses are the ones that gain more organic traffic and automatically pop out in search bars whenever a relevant item is searched out. Responsive themes make it an easy way for the customers to be in contact with the organization itself. That ease is the self-portrait way to engage the customer in the long run.

Use Responsive Themes Or Templates.

Switching to eye-catching themes can soothe the customer. It saves them from extra mental frustration and makes your website Mobile-friendly. Website builders know many templates that can fit precisely into the space of your missing puzzle. Squarespace, Wix, and Themeforest help the website to be extra responsive. It mainly shows templates that create your site to be suitable for being used on mobile.

Optimize The Site Website Images

Every aspect of the width-height ratio or the image optimization should be in accordance with the mobile program format. Not optimizing images would mean allowing the pictures to reduce the other aspects. They can compress aspects by overlapping.

Many tools help adjust the picture into portrait mode. They do not compress it. The quality of the picture is is one of the free tools that can help people.

Refrain From Using Flash

Flash is a feature that is not supported by the mobile format. Flash is used to create animations. It is supported on the computer or in landscape format. But these animations must be avoided in a mobile format to make the website mobile-friendly.

Refrain From Using Flash
Use A Standard and Large Font

With all the elements described earlier, fonts also play their role in the description list. Many fonts are supported on computer screens but not on mobile screens.

Shifting your website to a mobile format means minimizing the entire content to the mobile screen. The fonts might seem okay on the website. But shifting the website on the mobile phone can make that font small. The general rule is to set the font size to a limit. The text will become readable and understandable while shifting.

The ideal size is setting the font size up to 14px. This step also plays a critical role in building your website for mobile. Successful trials before launching your website’s mobile-based version are essential as it eliminates the chances of facing technical issues.

Don't Use Pop-Ups

A pop-up means any button that pops on your screen. The pop-up incorporation in your mobile mode can be a bit challenging. Pop-ups can be used to capture the instant focus of the dealer. But this feature is not supported on the mobile screen as it hinders directional pathways at certain crucial moments.

Eradicating the pop-up for the mobile-based version of your website can help the customers focus on the main content. You can have a button to facilitate the public. But avoiding pop-ups can be a great link to deal with the small screen size space.

Regularly Perform a Website Speed Test for Trial

A website speed test will also allow you to identify and improve the speed of your website. Monitoring your page performance becomes much easy after performing trials regularly.

You can avail of many online checkers that might give you a clue regarding the coherence of your website in mobile-friendly mode. GTmetrix is one website speed test analyzer that enhance and monitors the speeds it.

Sometimes the website gets down due to specific issues. It needs amendments instantly. Checking the URL regularly will let the owner handle the situation. You can quickly check the URL on different models like mobile, tabs, MacBooks, and laptop screens.

The time of the website to get a load on your screens is directly proportional to the efficiency and the speed of the website. The lesser the time a website takes to load, the faster the speed of the website ranks. If the website takes 1.7 seconds to load, then it is 75% faster than the other websites located on the web.

Use Simple Web Designs

Simple nexus will make your website mobile-friendly. Opt for a simple and subtle web design in this regard. The web design is simple and entices everyone having different tastes. Therefore, having constant features for both forums with a simple web design will create your website to be mobile-friendly. The additional work will seem doable if the web design is simple.

Use Simple Web Designs
Use Media Queries or Search Functions

Media queries can be an insight into frequently asked questions. Frequently asked questions will open up a list of dos and don’ts in your mind. Having a proper strategy is vital. Search functions and media queries will make your website mobile-friendly.

Companies are running on their launched websites. It helps display all the features, products, or services they can offer. It has become a typical means of communicating with its users. Therefore, it is crucial to make your website available on mobile phones. It will allow us to gain more and more customers in the upcoming time.

Following all the steps mentioned above can help your website be mobile-friendly. Programmers and web developers are constantly searching for a simple question: how to make your website Mobile friendly? Well, this article is full of informative steps that can create a difference! Besides this article, you can avail yourself service of professionals by reaching us at Legend Digitech. We provide services to help improve the services of your business plans by making your website coherent with the mobile display.


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