SEO Services for Small Business

SEO Services for Small Business


Have you ever wondered how to help more people find your website? Here in Legend DigiTech, we host many websites, and we have a lot of experience assisting clients in increasing their web traffic successfully. One of the best ways to do this is through search engine optimization or SEO. This article aims to help you boost your website traffic by using small business SEO services. This means you’ll know the tactics and tips to hire an SEO company services at an affordable price at the end of this article.

Every time and on every platform, competitors are doing the same business. Most people plan to find out what they can do better and different in a company to catch people’s attention. Still, you can do nothing to separate your business or services from your rivals in certain situations. It’s all about strategic marketing; the more you are savvy at marketing, the more people will become aware of your services. It would not matter how great your product or service is; if people do not know your business exists, you will fail. Business without marketing is like a car with no diesel. Thanks to aspects like consumer preference, demand, and competition, marketing are vital for every business. 

In today’s world, people are spending hours a day consuming digital content. Traditional marketing is vanishing through the priority of business owners day by day and making digital marketing significant for business growth. The ladder of social media marketing and website search engine optimizations takes the business to the top in a digital society.

Why Small Businesses Should Care about SEO?

4.39 billion people worldwide use the internet, around 4 billion internet users undergo google in their daily lives. When customers want to find a solution for their issues, they use search engines. Google’s advanced and effective algorithms guarantee that relevant web pages come to the top. Research has shown that only the top 5 google results have the best chances to get clicked by the consumers. Google is even trusted for searching for the best services and products near you or globally. If you’re running an online business, SEO helps your website to be ranked in google. Acquiring a better ranking in google subjects towards having traffic on your website ultimately results in increased sales. More revenue means more opportunities to develop and circulate your business or save up for a fun adventure you have wanted to go on for a vacation with your family. 

Small businesses don’t have the budget to broadcast advertisements on TV channels or give ads to YouTube and Google because we all know they have a large audience, which is why it’s expensive. SEO is affordable and equally effective; if done professionally will produce more leads and sales on your website. 

There were the days when people had to be on desks in front of computers to search for something online. That wasn’t available all the time, and you had to wait until you could use a computer at the computer lab or home. With smartphones on every person’s hand, searching anything comes to their mind instantly, looking for services they need near them. This has surpassed the era of holding back on any task you wanted to do online. For example, a person who is new in town and wants to buy groceries has no idea about the location of the stores, so what he does is type “grocery store near me” into Google or another search engine, and he’ll find the results locally. Now for a local grocery store, it is an accomplishment for gaining a customer by ranking in results. Therefore, being active in optimizing your product and services will do nothing but good for your business. 

Why Should You Invest In SEO?

SEO works like a pyramid. In order to be on top of it, you need to have a solid foundation. The foundation is what SEO can build up for you; accessibility, fast loading speeds, remarkable content (worthy to be shared with others), easily recalled keywords, and user-friendly design. Starting a business requires a sufficient budget, reputable background, great selection, efficient products and services, and a whole lot of patience. Think of your website as the salesperson you have, and SEO is the only way to make your salesperson approachable to potential customers. In this competitive world which we live in, standing out from the rest has been a challenge for many business owners. When your competitors are investing in SEO to rank on top of Google results, then you are obligated to invest in it as well as any other business.

Benefits Of Using a Website SEO Service

A small business should engage in SEO to get recognised online and attract consumers near you or worldwide. You are aware of the importance of SEO investment for your company. Now let’s discuss what you can gain in return.

Wide target Customers 

When you start utilizing SEO for your business, it means you can get in front of more clients. SEO makes the market even more prominent, and you can target your potential clients anywhere in the world. For instance, if you have a wedding photography business and for reasons you have to pick it up and move it every four years, it is the way you find clients in new areas. Consumers go searching for what you provide, and because your SEO has been done correctly, it will not be hard for customers to reach out to you.

Organic Traffic

Good SEO tactics increase a website’s customer engagements and accessibility. Google, Bing, or other search engines bring traffic to the site through searches by keywords or expressions similar to those words. SEO search for keywords that are more used by customers and put them on your website, which results in a better ranking in search results.

SEO provider also has a responsibility to optimize your website and increase its bounce rate. It makes the website attractive enough that it becomes likely to be shared by viewers on social media. Here you don’t have to make an effort all the time to promote your website. SEO has a strategic way of inserting appealing content. It can be informative blogs, entertaining videos, or reviews that visitors spontaneously share with their friends, and as a result, the website gets promoted organically.

Website Insights

Website traffic is the crucial element for having meaningful analytics that can help get more visitors with proper planning. With the insights of your website traffic, you can have the data shows

  • Which page is getting more audience
  • Which landing page is more operational
  • Audience demographic data
  • Which call to action button is most used

These analytics will help you create a content strategy and invest your time only in those pages that can build the revenue.

Increase Site Credibility

SEO gradually become effective, but SEO with proper tactics by a professional team from a company makes the operation faster and functional. If your website will attain visitors by acquiring a better rank, the next task for SEO providers is to make the visitor stay longer. The longer they stay at your website, your website will even rank higher. With ranking higher on search engines and maintaining valuable content, more sites will link to your page. This boosts your domain authority and trustworthiness, which enhances your website’s ranking even more and so forth. The higher you rank on Google, the more efficiently you will be approachable to your target demographic.


Coming here that far where you become credible in the eyes of the visitors and search engine, you wouldn’t be playing with just visitors. More clients will emerge who will be interested in buying on your platform. Your investment in SEO will start to pay you off as you generate more sales.

What Will an SEO Services Company Do?

You know how website SEO works and what benefits you get when you consider using SEO services. Now you’re at the stage of hiring an SEO services company and may be asking yourself that what company is right for you and what exactly they’ll do. Let us have a chance to explain these phenomena better so you can be confident while deciding to hire a company and what to expect from them.

Understand Goals

Goals help you to align focus and determine a clear path to your destination. For an SEO provider, it is essential to know that how a client defines success. They would talk less and be more attentive to listen to your goals. The client defines success, and according to that definition, the SEO company will decide what to measure and what tools can help. When the SEO goal is set, the SEO provider will count track and report on the results. They’ll know which effort is succeeding and which aren’t and can adjust things to make it work better. Let’s start identifying your SEO goals; what are you trying to achieve online? Imagine you own a cafe, and you probably want many new customers to visit your shop or order online and have a taste of your new menu. And you’re likely to build a relationship with existing customers through good content and hope that they eventually return to buy more coffees with cookies and fast foods. Here you just identified three business goals such as


A process in which a user is convinced to be converted from just a visitor to a buyer. In marketing language, the users who start buying from being just visitors are referred to as converts. Conversion rate plays a vital role in measuring SEO or advertising efficiency, and it is also a crucial KPI for commercial websites.


Utilization of informative, convincing and, helpful content to urge the individuals to stay longer on website and generate connection is known as engagements on the website. When you use strategy, you’re trying to communicate and create a bond with visitors rather than throwing advertisements in their faces. Marketers uses the information of visitors through the analytics and add relevant content to make it interesting for the visitors.


Acquisition marketing is expanding your target customers and promoting items to a new audience to acquire new consumers. As a result, it is an essential component of every company’s eCommerce marketing.

Types of SEO Services for Small Businesses and Start-ups

Passing the measurements checklist, the SEO service provider then sharpens their tools to work on the technicality. They’re primary steps that the service provider goes through for the website initially, and you should also have a clear picture of these steps while having a conversation with an SEO services company.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) refers to optimizing websites for targeted keywords to increase indexing on the search engine and traffic on websites. It entails keyword-aligning page-specific components like title tags and meta descriptions, headers, content, and internal links. The work focuses on getting crawled by the search engine to be indexed and optimising its structure to get a better rank.

Keywords and Content. First, they will search for the keywords related to your business that are most entered in search engines. Then they’ll make high valued content with interactive images according to that research keywords for increasing engagements on the website.

Insights. Website analytics will help determine how engaging a page is to propose improving the user experience.

Linking. They will ensure that your website’s internal links are added and have a well-organised hierarchy. It makes it easy for search engines to crawl.

Meta Data. They’ll put the title and meta description on every page based on keywords research. They are then putting headers and image tags so search engines can read the pages easily.

Off-page SEO

With the target to achieve search engine ranking, off-page SEO is vital in a high competition market. It is the effort of working outside of your website to empower the credibility, acceptance, and connections of your product and services for both users and search engines. The SEO service provider will look into:

Site performance. It concerns that how fast is the loading speed of your website. Is it smooth enough not to damage the bounce rate of your website and doesn’t bother the search engines crawling process? Do the designing and the images on the website respond well in mobile and tablet view as well?

Backlinks. They will assist you in obtaining connections to your site from other reputable websites.

Domain authority. They will ensure that you are continuously gaining search engines confidence.

What SEO Services Do Small Businesses Need?

SEO services depend on what kind of business website you have. As mentioned earlier, every business has different goals and separate target customers. Here are some SEO strategies which differ from small businesses.

Local SEO 

If anyone has an online store or a local store and has the goal to capture a local audience to increase traffic and brand awareness, Local SEO comes to function here. It primarily searches for local keywords, getting the business registered in Google business profile and creating nap citations. Further minor tasks for local SEO are making it simple for customers to get in touch with you. Add structured location data on your website and examine your website for mobile accessibility.

Ecommerce SEO

SEO of an Online store offering products to sell is challenging and delicate. Online sales marketing is as hard as traditional sales marketing was. It would help persuade a visitor to buy your product because many other stores offer the same products at the same price or maybe less. Therefore, in eCommerce, SEO on-site optimisation and content is the main priority here. Of course, after getting indexed and ranked in search engine results. Some eCommerce SEO tasks need to access site architecture for usability, create content that persuades to click add to cart button, and optimise product listing for google and amazon.

Blog SEO 

To optimise your blog SEO site, you have to add content what the audience want to read. SEO service provider research for the keywords of the topic that is more entered in search engines. For example, topics like “how to get rid of acne” are often searched on google, so adding content related to it will help you reach readers. The SEO service provider will also optimise the content of your existing blog according to that keyword research.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a thing that every business website should work. SEO services provider checks the technical issues here so it won’t bother the user and search engine for any other technical error. If the search engine finds any error during the website crawling process, it can damage your ranking. The tasks for an SEO service provider are here to Assess URL structure, check the site navigation structure is good, check canonical URL’s, build an error page when it’s technical problem there, add SSL for greater security, and utilize the google search console for indexing.

Video SEO

SEO of video content on the website or in YouTube is all about designing and presenting. First the valuable keywords are added to the title and descriptions, then they create attractive thumbnail or animations in the video to make intriguing for viewers.

How to Hire the Best Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses?

After getting familiar with all this, you may be wondering now that all these SEO services processes must be expensive as they sound too technical. Well, it would lower some weight from your pocket, but when you’ll see the results, you’ll realize the investment was worth it. With the assistance of this blog, evaluate your business type. See what SEO services are essential for your business, and then meet with an SEO services provider. Suppose they understand your business, goals for that business. In that case, they’re specific about what SEO services will benefit you, and they’re charging you only for those services, so you are not wasting your time at that meeting.

Look for the following factors when considering hiring affordable SEO services for your small business.

Firstly, seeking affordable services and neglecting the quality isn’t the right path to go. While hiring SEO services, you must consider which SEO company is reliable and can turn your investment into profits, this is how you can do it.

SEO Company’s Credibility

So, when you’re looking for one, see if they are even ranking on search engines. Find someone who ranks for some keywords. You can google SEO companies, SEO consultants, SEO services in Birmingham. Whatever city you’re in, you can type those words and see who ranks better and how well organised their website are. Additionally, go to LinkedIn as well, enter the text in the search box SEO consultant, and see which consultants work for other companies. If you know a company doing well, you can approach them and get them to work for you.


To get the finest inexpensive SEO services for your company, make sure the firm offers an all-inclusive package for you to consider. To implement a high-quality SEO plan, you’ll need a business that:

  • Testimonials of past service delivery.
  • Accountability and transparency are critical.
  • Client service and satisfaction
  • Tailored at a reasonable price.
  • Proficiency in the services.

Another thing you need to do is don’t go and hire someone full-time. Test them out. Tell them to prepare a proposal for you that will show your website’s current status and the planning to make your website ranking better and how they will serve your online customers a good experience.

Once you get satisfied with what were you looking for, then worry about the budget but hey! You don’t have to worry at all. We are going to make that simple for you. Following are the factor that can help you in hiring affordable SEO services for your small business.

The One with Having Fixed Charges

You’ll come across many websites that will display fixed rates. For instance, they’ll offer you to rank on ten keywords for 1400 pounds or 2000 pounds on ranking 15 keywords and many other offers at a fixed price. Just survey the online market, note the offer prices of each company on your diary and see what is convenient for you. You already know at this time what specific services you need for your business website. Therefore, if you notice any reliable company providing an affordable package with the specification you need to grow your business, give them a call!

The One with Charging Per-Project Basis

The most prevalent price type is project-based or ‘flat-fee pricing. When you ask how much SEO service costs, they’ll tell you £1,500 and charge you that amount regardless of the time or expense involved. Charges per project are based on services provided to your business website, taking the time and effort into account. Project-based pricing can benefit you by relieving you from the specification of the services. You don’t have to pull your hair out not knowing what to do because you have no idea what services will help your business grow faster. The company will propose the same services your website requires. Now, the charges are different for every company. Therefore, keep calling companies and see what costs they are offering according to your business and earnings on fulfilling the SEO requirements of your website.

Why Hire Us as Your SEO Company?

When Legend Digitech works with you side by side as a partner to grow your business, it means; more sales guaranteed, the rise in visitors, and the return of investment. We meet the right mix of affordability for small business SEO services with quality deliverables services on time, with all the SEO content, and link building needs. We try to look ahead; with the advancement of technology, we keep ourselves updated. To best serve our clients’ requirements, we continually endeavor to maintain and upgrade our knowledge, experience, and service offerings. Needless to say, you can rest assured that we can take your website to a higher level-as high it gets, as visible as it can be. We charge on a project basis so that we can aim to benefit you in any way we can, so we’re just one call away from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is a marketing process to gain potential customers organically through getting the owner’s website ranked in the search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search engines work based on the keywords; any keywords you enter on the search engine’s search box will show you the results according to those relevant keywords. SEO mainly focuses on utilising keywords mostly searched on google or yahoo in the website title and description to get a better ranking. For example, a user is typing the keywords “winter outfits for men”. Those who have an eCommerce website for winter clothes or a website with blogs written about it want to rank on those keywords, so SEO will somehow add those keywords to those websites elegantly.

SEO doesn’t merely depend on keywords. It also involves nourishing the website, adding compelling content to have engagements, inserting internal and external links to build credibility, and sustaining the technical side of the website for security. All these fundamentals are linked to prove the reliability of the website both to users and search engines so the website can accomplish a better ranking in search results. The main effort here is to bring unpaid visitors rather than throw the website’s advertisements on their faces. For websites selling products and services, it can target customers broadly and across the borders.

SEO is a step-by-step process to rank top on search engines results. In the beginning, the first search engines worked by tracking all words on web pages, so if you search for “London coffee”, you’d get back to a list of websites containing those two keywords. Now sources that have many keywords don’t necessarily mean that they were more relevant. What matters more is whether that website was cited often by other websites, so there is a citation concept to a web search. Websites that were backlinks a lot are considered credible and going to rank higher. They are two aspects of how search engines find and crawl web pages. The following are two corresponding components to SEO;

On-site SEO

This is where you ensure your site is full of keywords and relevant to what your site is about. If you sell sandals in England, you want to provide relevant keywords on your sites like sandals, England, ocean, beach, flip flop, shoes, leather, or sand.

Off-site SEO

This is where you work to create backlinks to your website, that originates to another website. Link to the website can be created through an article, social media, blog posts, discussion boards etc. keep this in mind the more influential and legitimate website is which is linking back to your website, the more effect that backlink from that site is going to have on your search results ranking.

As of today, there’re 130 million websites registered out there on the internet. To sort through all of it, most of us rely on search engines to find what we want, and these search engines have become so good that over 94% of people using the internet depend on them to find things now. There’re lots of good search engines out there, but around 80% of people worldwide use google. Seeing these statistics, how SEO cannot be necessary for website owners. When you search for something in Google, you get back a results page, and there’s a lot of stuff on it. Some companies can pay Google to place ads at the top of results but have a badge showing paid results, and people don’t care to click on it. What they overlook is the list of websites that are most likely to contain SEO.

Google shows many pages of keywords results, and here comes the critical part that most people don’t know. Over 94% of people that use google only click the results on the first page. If they do not find what they’re looking for, they usually don’t bother clicking on subsequent result pages. Instead, they typically prefer to adjust their search terms and start from scratch. This is why optimizing your website for search engines or doing SEO is so important.

When people search for something relevant to them and see your website in search results, they’re going to click and visit your page. These aren’t just any visitors; these are people that are looking for exactly what you offer. So, of anyone there’re are most likely to convert customers, subscribers, etc

Business websites should engage in SEO to get recognized online and attract consumers near you or worldwide. SEO is an investment like any other advertisement. It’s easy to fall victim to these fads or trends with offers like how to improve your SEO, but be mindful of that because a quick fix can be appetizing but it can actually hurt your SEO in the end. It asks for expertise and patience. The path to victory is not relatively as straightforward as one might imagine.

SEO is not a one-person task. It requires a team to add content or build links. The most complicated task here is keywords research for geographically targeted marketing and potential international customers. These factors are why an SEO expert works with you side by side for your website. With the exemplary service, you’ll see your return on investment in the form of increased web traffic, leads and sales. This can all come from SEO if you make a rational decision to hire an SEO company.  

The most straightforward answer to the question of how much the SEO cost is, “it depends.” Especially in Legend Digitech, the SEO costs vary depending on the scope of the project. Typical SEO projects for small businesses can cost £500 to £1200 per month. If you’re a more significant business and need a bigger project, you can expect a more considerable investment. That cost can potentially reach £7200 or more per month.

The SEO cost is monthly because the SEO is ongoing. Unlike an advertising campaign, you can’t turn on your SEO and immediately see the results. SEO requires regular research analysis to determine the action you take. Also, Google constantly updated its algorithm, and your competitors are trying to outrank you. Once you hit page one, it doesn’t mean you’ll stay there.

On-page SEO is a hot topic in the world of marketing that everyone wants to know about because it allows those who use it to optimize pages for visitors and for google to achieve a higher ranking on SERPs.

On-page SEO refers to any site optimization that you can employ on your website and have control over precisely because of this. Good on-page SEO strategies make your page more appealing on google to get you a high ranking on the search engine you expect. This makes on-page SEO very important because, without it, the page in question would rank very low on search engines at all.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. That refers to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Ask. Google is used frequently as a search engine worldwide. Individuals pay SEO companies to optimise their website and go along with the Google algorithm to rank higher than the competitors. Your ideal clients search for keywords related to your business.

If you used a search engine before to find a restaurant or contractor, you’ve seen what a local search looks like. For example, local users could search “lawyers near me” and see the list of several lawyers in their area. The fun fact is, more than 50% of local searches turn into an in-person visit within 24 hours. Local search results include information like businesses in your area, addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, and even reviews and ratings from other customers.

So how do you make sure your own business shows up in local searches? The key is Local SEO. If anyone has an online store or a local store and has the goal to capture a local audience to increase traffic and brand awareness, Local SEO comes to function here. It primarily searches for local keywords, getting the business registered in Google business profile and creating nap citations. Further minor tasks for local SEO are making it simple for customers to get in touch with you. Add structured location data on your website and examine your website for mobile accessibility.

The most excellent SEP tools can undoubtedly boost your search engine rankings and assist you in achieving your marketing objectives. Without the proper tool, search engine optimisation is complex. For machine and search engines, an XML site map is created. It represents the content of your website using XML mark language. The search engine can use these sitemaps to prioritize and change the crawling pace for your website.

On the other hand, an HTML site map is intended for website visitors. It simply presents the list of your website’s pages and sections on a single page. Then you have to find great backlinks and receive comprehensive reports on your SEO approach.

PPC is paid ads that make a place for a website link on the top of the results. SEO reach the individuals organically with the help of keywords and link building. Data shows that the companies who pay Google to place ads at the top of results but have a badge showing paid results, and people don’t care to click on it. What they overlook is the list of websites that are most likely to contain SEO. So, if asking us which is better, we say SEO.
When Legend DigiTech work with you side by side as a partner to grow your business, it means; more sales guaranteed, the rise in visitors and the return of investment. We meet the right mix of affordability with quality deliverables services on time, with all the SEO, content, and link building needs. We try to look ahead; with the advancement of technology, we keep ourselves updated. To best serve our clients’ requirements, we continually endeavour to maintain and upgrade our knowledge, experience, and service offerings. We charge on a project basis to aim to benefit our customers in any way we can, so we’re just one call away from you.

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