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Whether a dining table or a study table, the price in Pakistan varies depending on the size, material used, and any extra add-ons. Tables have many types and varieties, ranging from kids to adults and study to dining.  

This article covers table prices, types, what to look for when buying a table, and more.  



Table Price in Pakistan

Tables come in various types and prices. Below is a list of commonly used table types and their prices, as displayed on Interwood

Types of Tables

Tables are available in various types and styles, each with unique features. We penned down a few types of tables that are commonly used in and around our communities. 

Side Tables

Side tables are stylish and functional pieces of furniture that are taller and wider than end tables. They often have a small drawer for storage and can be placed anywhere beside something, making them perfect for holding lamps, books, and other items. 


End Tables

End tables are small furniture usually placed at the end of a sofa or between two pieces of furniture in a room. They come in different styles and materials and should be placed in easily accessible locations. It is best to have one for each seat in the room. 

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables must be higher in living rooms for holding beverages, snacks, books, and decorative objects.  


Dining Room Tables

The dining room table is usually reserved for special occasions and can seat about six people. It makes a great focal point in the room and can be decorated for holidays. However, it can be expensive, so make sure it fits the space

Ottoman Tables

The Ottoman tables originated from the Ottoman Empire as low upholstered couches without arms or backs used for residential seating. It comes in different sizes and colours and is often used as a comfortable footrest in the middle of the sitting area. Some ottomans lift for storage or have side pockets for smaller items, but they can become too heavy if overpacked. It is not a replacement for a coffee table as its material can easily become soiled but can also be found as a corner piece. 

Kitchen Tables

A kitchen table is a smaller table that seats 2-6 people in the kitchen or a designated space. It can be expanded slightly for more seating. A bench can save space by being stored under the table when unused. 

Patio Tables

Patio tables are for outdoor use but may need to be indoors in harsh climates. They come in many styles and colours and can hold umbrellas for shade. They are perfect for outdoor entertainment and parties. 

Drink Tables

This tiny table is perfect for your drink. Originally for ashtrays, they now come in many styles to fit small spaces. Use it where a regular table would not fit, like by the bathtub, for a fancy bath time. 

Pub Tables

Pub tables, also called bistro tables, were created in Paris during the 1600s to distinguish between lounges and taverns. They are round, about 40 inches or taller, and can fit between 2 to 4 people.  


Console Tables

Console tables were originally decorative in the 17th century and were supported by a bracket. Today, they have been adapted to have legs and offer storage options. They are 24 to 58 inches long and 26 to 36 inches tall, with various styles and materials. Console tables are decorative and functional, commonly placed in entryways or behind couches. 


A worktable, or workbench, is a sturdy table used for various types of work. It comes in different sizes, can be adjusted in height, and can accommodate additional tools. 

Bunching Tables

Bunching tables are versatile tables that can be stacked together or spread apart. They come in different styles and can be used as coffee or accent tables. They are perfect for any space and are both beautiful and functional. 

Conference Tables

Conference tables are vital for modern businesses. They have evolved from a large table in a board room to a multi-purpose table for team meetings, teleconferencing, and socialising. The tabletop has plugs for laptops. 

Drum Tables

A rent table is a circular drum table created in the 1700s. It has a central support and a leather top, sometimes with drawers or bookshelves. Its name comes from the polygonal top and drawers that rent collectors used as a filing system.


Computer Tables

A computer table can replace bulky desks and towers. It is smaller, has storage, and outlets for cords. You can use it to create a small office space or dedicate a room. It comes in different shapes and materials to match your room\’s décor. 

Bedside Tables

A nightstand/bedside table is a handy piece of furniture next to your bed. It can hold items like glasses or a book you need before sleeping and waking up. Nightstands come in different styles and can be affordable. 

C-Shaped Tables

This three-sided table can hover over the arm of a couch and has storage options. It functions as a side table, coffee table, or snack table. 

Foyer Tables

A foyer table, also called an entryway table, is a piece of furniture that provides storage for items like keys, shoes, purses, and mail. It typically measures 32 to 64 inches long and 30 to 33 inches tall. It does not have to match your other furniture but should complement your style. 

Writing Tables

A writing table, a library table, has drawers for writing utensils. It was popular in the mid-18th century and was commonly used in the house library for literature and business. Modern-day tables can be used as accent pieces anywhere in the house. 

Dressing Tables

A dressing table is a small table with drawers used since the 17th century to store face paints and perfumes. They have a mirror and a sitting chair.

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables have been used since the late 1800s, with built-in benches on each side. Originally made of cedar, modern ones are often aluminium or plastic. They are found in public areas and backyards alike, with some having movable detached benches and others having folding benches attached. 

Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables and coffee tables are similar, with cocktail tables being square and coffee tables being round. They are practically interchangeable in the furniture market. Tall cocktail tables are commonly used for special events and provide a place for guests to rest their cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. 

Changing Tables

A changing table is a raised table with storage for diapers and wipes. It is used to change a baby\’s diaper and can also be found in public restrooms. Initially, only women\’s restrooms had them, but lobbying in the 1990s led to their installation in men\’s restrooms too. 

Refectory Tables

Monks initially used the long table for meals. Later, it became popular for banquets in castles. Made of oak, it has remained the same style over the years. In the 16th century, it was adapted for domestic use and is still a common style for dining tables. 

Serving Cart Tables

Serving carts were popularised in the 1920s to serve tea and later became common in restaurants for delivering or displaying food, especially desserts. They can be stationary or mobile and are sometimes called trolleys in Great Britain. They are also used on airlines to serve passengers food and drinks. 

Folding Tables

Folding tables are lightweight and easy to move around. TV trays are a popular folding table for holding food and drinks whilst watching TV. They are stored in groups of four when not in use. 

Desk Tables

A partner\’s desk is a type of desk that resembles a table and was introduced in the 1800s for business partners. It has drawers on each side, a large surface area, and can be made in various styles and woods. This type of desk is commonly found in lawyers\’ offices, and one of the most famous ones is the desk located in the Oval Office, gifted by Queen Victoria. 

Pedestal Tables

Pedestal tables have a single middle pedestal supporting the tabletop in various sizes and styles. They offer extra leg space and seating, making them popular for the kitchen, dining room, and side tables. 

Parsons Tables

A parsons table is a simple, straight-lined table with legs that sit flush with the corners. It originated in the 1920s and 1930s at the Parsons School of Design. They come in various sizes and styles and are commonly found in modern and contemporary furniture.  

Bed Table

Enjoy breakfast in bed with a bedtable. It is perfect for watching TV, reading, or working on your laptop. They come in various styles and have adjustable legs. It is best to build one yourself because they can be small, and we recommend buying from something other than Ikea due to breakage issues. 

What Are the Specific Materials Used in Each Type of Table?

For tables, there are limited material options available that are reliable and offer great support. Among these materials are metal, wood, MDF, stone, and glass. 

Below is a brief explanation of the materials used for table manufacturing: 

Metal Table

Metal dining tables are popular due to their durability, resistance to weather conditions, and ease of cleaning. They have a long lifespan and are a great choice for commercial use. Metal tables come in various styles and colours, making them a versatile option for home decor. 

MDF Table

MDF (mid-density fibreboard) table is a popular and affordable choice for indoor and outdoor furniture due to its modern look. However, it is not durable and can crack or warp in moisture. MDF is also flammable and not ideal for wet environments. But, if you want a simple and modern design, an MDF board dining table might work for you. 

Stone Top Table

Stone is a durable and weather-resistant material. Stone dining tables are popular for their low maintenance and exquisite grain, but they require strong table base support. 

Glass Table

Glass dining tables are a modern choice for a contemporary feel. They are heavy and need careful placement but are easy to clean. Be careful with glass, as it can scratch or shatter if dropped. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Table

Durability – Material Density and Hardness

Choose durable and all-weather-resistant patio furniture to avoid frequent replacements. This will minimise damage and extend the life of your dining tables. 

Cost – Material Price

Choose dining table materials based on cost. Teak is great for 8-person tables but expensive. Plastic chairs are cheaper but less durable and less attractive. Balance cost and quality when selecting materials. 

Dining Table Designs – Sizes, Shapes, and Styles

Choose a dining table that fits your space and matches your home decor style. Consider the shape, preferring rectangular over square tables. 

Design of Structure

When selecting a dining table, consider its design and construction. Research your target customers\’ preferred table styles to make the best choice. 

Cleaning Ease

Always consider cleaning difficulty when buying furniture.  


When choosing a dining table, it is important to consider sustainability. If you want to be eco-friendly, go for natural materials. For instance, you can pick a table made of wood, a material that has been used for thousands of years and is also eco-friendly. 

Tips for Maintaining the Tables and Keeping Them in Good Condition

Various factors, such as light, temperature, humidity, dust, and wear and tear, can affect the condition of your tables. Below are some general tips to keep your tables in good condition: 

  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources. 
  • Maintain moderate humidity levels in the room. 
  • Dust regularly with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner. 
  • Use coasters, placemats, or tablecloths to protect from damage. 
  • Clean up spills immediately with a damp cloth. 
  • Apply furniture wax or polish once or twice a year. 
  • Repair minor scratches or dents with wood filler or touch-up pen. 
  • Consult a professional for serious damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material Is the Best to Make a Table Out Of?

Wooden dining tables are popular for their strength, versatility, and natural beauty. They can be customised to match your decor. 

What Height Is Standard for Tables?

Dining tables are usually 28 to 32 inches tall, called standard height. Chairs, stools, or 18 to 23 inches high benches work well with these tables. 

Is A Table\’s Height the Same as a Desk\’s?

Yes, the height of the table and desk is almost the same. However, use something other than a dining table as a desk. It can cause disorganisation, and ergonomic chairs may not fit in a dining room area. 

Final Words

Tables are essential for any home or office, with various types and prices to consider. When buying a table, consider size, material, and extras. In this article, we have provided valuable insights into table prices in Pakistan, types, and buying tips so you can choose one that will fit your space, budget, and needs. 

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